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For the over three decades, we have helped companies get their GSA and VA contracts.
With current situations in our world, we created a learning management system to drastically reduce the cost of our full service program.
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Our courses allow you to complete the process at a fraction of the done-for-you cost.

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Do this yourself at your own pace. When you complete the course, you will have the components to enter GSA eOffer to submit your application.

Optional Support

You should not need it but if you are feeling stuck or frustrated we offer a support plan to help.

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Every document you complete gets emailed to you for your records so you can finish your online application to GSA by simply uploading and pasting the information online.

Our Courses

Join the 19,000+ companies already on GSA schedule.

Be in Demand with your GSA contract

Even though a GSA contract is not mandatory, the government likes using it because it is easier, quicker and less hassle for them. It also gives you priority with prime contractors to participate in larger procurements.

Michael Price - Chief Instructor
Eileen Kent - Federal Sales Sherpa

This course will walk you through the exact same workflow we use for our full-service clients with the result being the documents GSA requires to make your award.

This course is always updated to the latest GSA refresh so you have the most current information.

Experience Matters!

For over three decades, we have helped companies get their GSA and VA contracts.

Teaches you Key Terms, Key Contacts inside the Government You Need to Align with Your Team, Strategy, Bid/No bid decision questionnaire, Win Themes, Executive Summary, Writing Style, Pulling the Technical Information from your Project Team Faster and Easier, Proposal Management, Proposal Management and Scheduling, Proposal Library Necessities and  Management Plan Material.

You will receive a variety of Tools, Templates and Writing Examples which will help you streamline the process of putting together a proposal saving you time, and money.

Eileen Kent has trained over 10,000 in federal contracting, sales, proposal writing and GSA Schedule contracting. She brings almost 20 years of experience in the business with lots of tools and templates – as well as key tactics to follow when preparing for – writing – and submitting a winning bid.

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As I reflect on the life of LJT & Associates, Inc. I view our decision to engage MarketUS and maintain a long standing relationship as one of our best professional decisions and certainly would highly recommend any company look to MarketUS as the avenue into the Federal Government contracting arena. LJT & Associates, Inc. not only cultivated a critical professional partner but more importantly made some very good friends in MarketUS
Leonid Tasheko
MarketUS’ recommendations and insights were really vital in every step of the GSA proposal process and just shows that they have the experience to back it up. The commitment to us was tremendous, as was their expertise and for a reasonable cost. We received all the assistance and expertise that we were looking for. Thank you!
Robert Espineira
Government Sales Manager
From a personal perspective, it has been a pleasure doing business with your firm for 14+ years. It has also been profitable because of your assistance in obtaining a GSA IT Schedule, your business advice on how to get the most from the Schedule, and your assistance at Federal and State business forums. As you know, I am Co-Chair for the Veteran Entrepreneur Task Force (VET-Force). Your generosity in offering a discount on your service for the returning disabled veterans is actually “Supporting Our Troops” instead of displaying a ribbon decal. Thank you for your dedication to our troops.
Bob Hesser
We engaged MarketUS to assist our firm in a crisis situation “paper application vs an e-offer”. We were guided to a proper and successful solution and thoroughly enjoyed the working relationship and professional services rendered to support our goal of attaining an IT 70 Schedule in a timely manner that allowed us to bid on a $75 million government opportunity. We highly recommend MarketUS to others in our industry.
Glenn Wright
Vice President