Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal teaches you Key Terms, Key Contacts inside the Government You Need to Align with Your Team, Strategy, Bid/No Bid Decision Questionnaire, Win Themes, Executive Summary, Writing Style, Pulling the Technical Information from Your Project Team Faster and Easier, Proposal Management, Proposal Management and Scheduling, Proposal Library Necessities and Management Plan Material.

Why Take This Course from Us?

Features You'll Love!

You will receive a variety of Tools, Templates and Writing Examples which will help you streamline the process of putting together a proposal saving you time, and money.

This is also a great class for your sales team because it helps sales, proposal managers and technical writers pull all the key elements together to only write winning bids and leave the losers – to the losers. 

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State, Federal, and Education Agencies

While you are working on your application, reach out to these contacts, politely, and develop a RELATIONSHIP with them so when your contract is awarded you are in line for orders.